Dark Souls & Dungeons

Hello again! So, real quick post while I am thinking about it. The past few days I have been talking with @Slashrunner#1620 and a few others in the OSR Discord (Seriously, join it already) about how Dark Souls would work in a TTRPG setting. Many ideas were thrown around, and Slashrunner and I decided to put pen to paper (fingers to keys?) and try to make some sort of Dark Souls combat system. I ended up writing up two slightly different ones, each with a slightly different level of crunch.


The first iteration of my Dark Souls combat rules can be found here. Some interesting ideas I think, but I decided to go a little closer to B/X with my second iteration of these rules, which can be found here.

Please let me know your thoughts on these, or how you would do Dark Souls combat/setting in your own game!

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