Goan: Skill and Ability Checks

So skills and ability checks… These things always drove me crazy when I played 3.5 Dnd. I always wondered exactly how good I needed to be in order to be, you know, good at something? It seemed like no matter how much I would pump into a skill, I could never roll higher than whatever […]

Goan: Initiative

So, its been awhile since I have posted due to life. Two weekends ago I was on the road for work halfway across the state, and last weekend the wife and I drove down to Arkansas to spend sometime in Eureka Springs and the famously haunted Crescent Hotel. We were not visited by any other […]

Goan: Stamina

So, I’m currently at a convention for work and had a little bit of downtime to sneak out to Barnes and Noble to get a coffee and do a little bit of blogging. Today I want to talk about the Stamina pool in Goan. As I mentioned in the post on combat, in Goan, both […]

Goan: Combat

In my previous post, I decided that I would go through all the different things that have influenced Goan over the past few years. For the life of me I couldn’t figure out how to organize those thoughts in one coherent post. Instead, I decided I would pick out various mechanics, or things that I […]

How this all happened…

So how did all this happen? How did the dark world of “Goan” come to be? Let’s roll time back about five or six years… I was relatively fresh out of college, working as a tester at an electrical transformer refurbishing company by day, and a bartender at a country club by night. It was […]

The Journey Begins

So I have finally started! Welcome to the official Goan blog! I plan to update this blog sporadically with updates on the Dark Fantasy TTRPG which is currently being called “Goan”. I will write up another post later that will go into depth about how Goan came about, the world within it, and the various […]